All of which makes what director Irene Alby has done at the University of Toledo a bit of an adventure. It’s mostly intriguing, sometimes compelling, and occasionally just plain weird. Instead of accentuating politics or sex, Alby spotlights the excesses of both. She wants to get theatergoers out of their comfort zone, and, in large part, she succeeds.

Toleto Blade

"...the cast is uniformly excellent. Alby, Monsos, and Ben Pryor, who appears in the last scene, are faculty members at the University of Toledo, Arner and Cohen are UT theater majors, and DeChristopher and Furlong are professional actors. It's a strong mix that keeps us mesmerized even when the scenes are tough to watch."
--Toledo blade


“the last couple of years you guys have just gone gangbusters with the production values, with the productions with giving kids the chance to expand their horizons” –Fred Lefebvre WSPD on UT Theatre